Healing and Massage




1.5 hour treatment $100

or $185 for blended with massage (2 hours 15 minutes)

A limpia is a personal ceremony for honoring and releasing our Aires, or emotional winds.  These are the heavy emotions, like anxiety, fear, shock, rage, sorrow, grief, shame, envy, and so on, which show us when we are out of alignment with ourselves, but often become stuck and lead us towards destructive patterns, blocks in our ability to create, and numbness.  They can also manifest as physical symptoms, especially over time.  In the Limpia, you are cleansed with healing herbs, copal, an unbroken egg, and ritual, while being guided to release heavy emotion and call home the wounded or lost parts of your soul.  For this, you are wrapped in a warm blanket, loving care, and confidential support.  Schedule this for a time when you can relax afterwards, with no pending obligations that day.

Yerbas sagradas

Yerbas sagradas

Obsidian Tools

Obsidian Tools


Obsidian Healing

2 hour treatment  $150

Obsidian is a volcanic glass stone, made from the union of fire and water, and powerful for clearing issues and cleansing the unconscious.  Obsidian treatments are about extraction, and stem from Indigenous healing methods of the Mexica and Toltec lineages.  Smooth obsidian stones and tools may be used on the body or just above the skin to help us remove and release that which is stuck and causing harm.  This may be a physical issue, as well as an emotional or psychological pattern.  It may be thought of as a kind of curse breaking, though sometimes the curse comes from our own poisonous thoughts and feelings, our dreams, and even our inherited ancestral patterns.  Obsidian healing is a form a psychic surgery, addressing the issue at each of these levels.  This is a good treatment for those with issues more serious than emotional overwhelm, and for empathic people who absorb too much from others, as well as for anyone feeling very blocked or  under emotional attack.

On occasion the Obsidian Mirror tool will be utilized for clients.  The Obsidian Mirror is an ancient Mexica art for seeing, healing unconscious patterns, and removing obstacles, illnesses, and imbalance from our bodies and dreaming minds.

All obsidian treatments must be scheduled in advance, after a brief phone consultation.  Healing may be complete after one session, but a series of 4 is recommended, as repetition is helpful for more serious issues, and to make sure the problem is addressed at all levels.


1 hour $85   or 1.5 hours $110

Nurturing, relaxing, revitalizing, massage allows us to interrupt the cycle of physical and emotional stress, and return to a state of balance.  My style combines Swedish, Ayurvedic, and Indigenous techniques to listen to and address that which needs care and attention.  Slow, deep pressure, set to your comfort level, combines with warmed herbal infused oils, and aromatherapy, for a fully restorative experience.  

Fresh herbs and elements of intuitive healing may be incorporated for deeper support, as needed and by request.


Herbal Steam

1 hour $55   

One of the deepest herbal healing treatments, a steam may be facial, vaginal, or whole body.  Fresh herbs, like chamomile and yarrow, are boiled into a tea.  Sitting or in child's pose, over the steam, covered by a blanket, you take the plant medicine into your pores and through slow, deep breaths.  This creates deep emotional release and renewal, inducing relaxation and an almost altered state of consciousness.  It is also good for many physical infections.


Herbal Infused Oils and Medicina

All oils used in massage are herbal infused oils, made by Melusina.  The most used oils are infused St. John's Wort oil, infused white rose oil, and infused chamomile or lavender oils, in a sunflower oil base.  These oils are medicinal and made to support the emotional/physical needs of the client.  Most are scented with essential oils, though unscented is available.  Please let me know ahead of time if you have allergies.

Herbal medicina for sale to support ongoing self care include:

  • herbal salt scrubs and sugar scrubs
  • limpia soaps
  • herbal sprays
  •  herbal cordials, herbal honey, flower essences and teas sometimes available
The massage table

The massage table


Nothing in soul life occurs without a sympathetic vibration shooting through the life processes of the body .

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