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Testimonial 1

"Melusina is an incredible healer and spiritual guide. Her healing work is grounded in her extensive knowledge and experience in Curanderismo, a Mexican Indigenous healing tradition which incorporates multiple systems of knowledge from nature and the spirit world. I experience her work as a mystical healing practice and inquiry which embraces health of my whole being. The journey work calls upon my essence or soul as well as ancestral wisdom to participate in deep  reflection. After a session or ceremony with Melusina I feel very grounded, clear and re-connected to my intuition. I will often discover meaningful responses to my questions or daily challenges, which continue to support me over time

One layer of her journey and ceremony work that has been so helpful and reliable for me, is the way she guides my ordinary mind to immediately rest so I can access my own deep questions, with less interference from mental habits. Melusina’s own deep personal investigation is very apparent. Her guidance is solid, strong, very clear and deeply compassionate." 

               -Shoshana Green, MFT






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Testimonial 2

"Melusina is such a gifted healer in every sense of the word.  I feel that it is rare today to find healers who fully embody their practice, but I see Melusina as an exceptional example of this.  I feel that this medicine is very deep in her bones and roots; I see her as someone who has actually lived this practice for many, many years (and perhaps lifetimes), who is working intimately with the Ancestors and guides in a way that feels authentic, and full of such integrity and truth.  Melusina's limpia work was precisely the medicine I needed to help release and integrate a traumatic time period I had five year's prior, involving health challenges and a near-death experience.  I've worked with many healers over the years around this particular trauma, however, the relief I found through one session with her was uniquely special and created openings which continue to bring healing and new possibility to various areas of my life.  Her gentle but courageous and encouraging presence created a safe space for me to release into ceremony in which the stuck energies were able to transform, and a very important part of me was able to come home.  The ceremony she facilitated was such a gift; it was like experiencing a timeless taste of how healing must have felt in a tribal culture that actually knew how to hold each other and usher our souls forward in healing and healthy ways.  While I was unfamiliar with the practice, she made me feel right at home, as if I was trying something my soul remembers, with the guidance of a supportive and knowledgeable ally.

She worked at a highly intuitive level, where she was right there with me in the process, seemingly knowing exactly what I was needing to safely and supportively come "home."  The medicine began in my dreams the nights before and after, and the choices she made for our session were so incredibly intuitive and personalized to exactly what I was needing.  For example, I was amazed to discover upon arrival that she intuitively selected to work with plants and items that had deep ancestral meaning to me and had actually appeared to me in a dream the night before.

If you feel ready to release something that is blocking you, I highly recommend a session.  I also recommend paying attention to your dreams before and after the session with 100% belief and trust in the process, because Melusina is the real deal and her medicine is powerful.  I found that the more I surrendered to the process and continued to integrate it through dreams and other practices, the more the healing sprouted roots and ripples in many areas of my life.  I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and would recommend it to anyone who feels curious and ready to move forward in their life.  Thank you Melusina!

-Stephanie Seibel

TEstimonial 3

"What's great about Melusina is that her presence is powerful, but she also has the sweetness of someone who hasn't yet become jaded by life...and really strong hands!"

-Joan Semling Bostian, Owner of Women's Fitness Center & Spa, Fairfax Ca

Testimonial 4